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Fleshlight Male Sex Toy?

I'm 14 and have been masturbating for about a year now, and my mom has talked to me about it several times and told me it's totally normal and healthy, which I agree cause they tell us the same thing in sex ed at school. Then one day a few months ago when I came home there was this plain cardboard box on my bed with a note on it that just said "Use This" When I opened up package it was a Fleshlight male sex toy with images on the packaging showing a guy putting his penis into it. So I realized it was a masturbation thing for guys. I went out of my room and asked my mom why she got me this and she told me because she did not want me to be dating any girls yet and to just use it whenever I masturbate instead of having sex with an actual girl. I guess it made sense, as I've been using it every day (sometimes 4 times a day). So my question is was that a weird thing for her to do, or was she just looking out for me? I man I get that she doesn't want me to have real sex with any girls, but I am eventually gonna want the real thing.

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    Your mom has a problem. I never heard of a MOM talking about it, never mind supplying you with a sex toy. Stop her, tell her it is not appropriate to be so into you and sex. She crossed the line, long ago. If you have a dad, or uncle talk to them about her. She needs to be set straight on what is over board.Do not let her get away with this behavior. She is overboard over your sex life, its not normal. Tell her to stop. Go find a girl, and have fun, just be safe.

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