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What is the longest river?

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    The longest conduit on earth, evaluated from its mouth to its by and large expelled, all year source, is likely the Amazon, which streams 4,345 miles from the Peruvian Andes through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. Be that as it may, much relies upon how you measure it. Until 2007, the title had a place with the Nile, which runs 4,258 miles from the mountains of Burundi to its renowned and prolific delta fan, where Egypt meets the Mediterranean Sea. The two lengths are close enough that estimating procedures and methods of reasoning can be very dubious. Truth be told, the geographers who delegated the Amazon champion were supported to a limited extent by the Brazilian government.

    The Ancient Egyptians knew about the Nile as far upstream as the present Khartoum, Sudan, approximately 1,700 miles from the stream's mouth. In A.D. 150 Ptolemy, the popular Greek geographer living in Roman Egypt composed that the stream started in the "Mountains of the Moon" somewhere down in the African inside. In 1862 English pilgrim John Hanning Speke ventured from Africa's east coast to see what he considered as the source, where the waterway exits Lake Victoria in present-day Uganda.

    Geographers didn't investigate Amazon's most far off sources until the mid-twentieth century, and it was uniquely with the coming of GPS innovations that perpetually precise appraisals, similar to the 2007 overview, were made conceivable. Extraordinary waterways change course over the seasons and the years, making it hard to figure out which estimation contains its precise length. From point A to point B, it is around 2,400 miles from the Nile's source to its outlet (the wandering Amazon covers an insignificant 1,100 miles of straight-line separation).

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    The longest river is the qWxguokn ,, on the planet Ymnpor.

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    The longest river in the world is river Nile. It is located in Eastern Africa. The Nile river is 6,695 km or 4,160 miles long.

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    This is not a question about Chemistry.  It needs moving to Geography.

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    Many sources I see say the Nile, but that likely depends on how you define length of a river.

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