Do My friend Vinny and his wife Angela share same zodiacs? Vinnys Bday is April 7th and Angelas Bday is April 15th.?

Can they be considered as Aries couples?? Or not???

Vinny has same BdaTE as Jackie Chan and Russell Crowe while Angela has SAME BDATE with Emma Watson, Seth Rogen, Luke Evans, Maisie Williams, Emma Thompson etc.

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Your "Sign" is only the "sign" that Sun appeared to be moving through, when viewed from Earth.  

    (Note that a Sign is NOT a constellation, but is rather the distance around the ecliptic from where the Sun was when the Spring Equinox occurred.  That point is labelled "0 degrees of Aries" even through it doesn't occur IN the constellation of Aries, and the first 30 degrees around the ecliptic circle is called "Aries").

    Sun appears to move through Aries, every year, starting sometime on March 20th or 21st .. depending on what year it is, what time it is, and where you are on Earth looking at the sky ....

    And Sun takes about 30 days to appear to move through Aries, leaving Aries sometime on April 19th or 20th (again depending on what year it is, what time it  is, and where you are on Earth).

    So yes, you could both have SUN in Aries. But there are 40 to 50 OTHER astrological factors that are NOT connected to what Sign Sun is in, and the two of you probably share little else in common than your Sun Sign.

    No two people have identical birthcharts, and Sun only indicates how you try to feel whole inside and is just 2% of your entire birthchart.

    The only reason writers write about "Signs" is because that is the only factor that you can find with just the month-day of birth, and the writers make money writing about Sun signs ... .from a public that doesn't understand astrology.  Sun-sign astrology is not real astrology and by itself is pretty useless.

    As for how two people get along, NO astrologer compares the Signs of ANY of the 10 planets (Sun included) ... they look for particular distances between any of your 10 planets and any of the other person's 10 planets (Distances called "synastry aspects).

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    my birthday is april 12

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