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Been sick since 7/24/20.  Could it possibly be from COVID-19?  Here`s my symptoms.?

I`m asking about this because I`m a 75 yr. old man and have absolutely no idea what I`ve got.  None of the symptoms match the classic COVID19 symptoms, but who knows.  I have been trying to self isolate myself from my family just in case.  I have asthma and my wife has diabetes.  Here`s my symptoms:  Low grade (99.8) fever that comes and goes.  All food tastes about 5 times as strong as they should.  It`s disgusting.  I`ve lost 12 pounds in 12 days and I was already skinny.  While lying in bed at night, I have this weird smell in my nose.  It`s not the smell of a sinus infection.  It`s just an odd smell I`ve never smelled before, but it`s there all night, every night.  No runny nose.  No sore throat.  Have a constant fairly bad, dull headache.  Pretty bad abdominal pain.  Hurts to even push on it.  Some nausea and have thrown up a few times.  Loss of my short term memory and I`m having some confusion problems.  Can`t walk across a room w/o catching my breath, but no asthma problems. I`ve had very little sleep and I`m physically very fatigued all the time.  When I walk up my staircase to go to bed, I have to do it in three stages or I`d keel over.  The biggest thing I`m curious about is even though my symptoms don`t precisely match those for COVID19, there are elements that are similar, i.e., taste and smell stuff.  I also know it`s not the Flu because I had the Flu in early June and there`s no doubt at all that it was the Flu.  Appreciate any assistance and good luck to all.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Fever is a symptom of covid, loss of taste is another but you have the opposite of that.

    Some symptoms sound like maybe a mini stroke with the smell, taste, headache and memory/confusion but not sure about the other symptoms over the rest of your body.

    I would suggest seeing a doctor rather than trying to get a diagnosis from random people online with no real knowledge.

  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    Covid is LOSS of taste and smell and the fever stays. Could be a different virus, can you go and get tested ?

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