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Best anchor for tv mount?

I am mounting a tv on an interior wall with no wood studs. The tv mount is flat, it does not extend out or swivel. The tv is 55". Are molly/toggle bolts up to the task, or could I use those zip it type anchors you screw in with a Philips tip?

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    All interior walls will have studs, this is why that most TV mounts are so wide with dozens of holes.  The studs you hit may be off center to the mount but you should still be going into a stud.   If the TV mount can't hit the studs then you need to put in a piece of plywood large enough to hit the studs and then mount it to the plywood.  The wood can easily be painted and with a large 55inch tv it will be hidden behind it.  Get a stud finder and do it the right way before you end up with a big mess. 

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    ALL TV mounts MUST be attached to wall studs or to masonry using appropriate anchors.

    That is all there is to it 

    Attaching to drywall or panelling only is NOT ALLOWED, PERIOD. 


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