Soaked my cp?

I dropped my phone in a tub of water i pulled it out seconds after it fell, but i cant turn it of beacuse its just flickering, it has built in battery so i cant remove the battery to forcefully turn it off, without hesitating i put my phone in a sack of rice, but 12 hours after that i checked my phone and its still flickering i cant turn it off nor turn it on. What should i do? Please help me, i need my phone for my online class.

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  • 6 months ago

    If the rice thing didn't work, try holding the volume down button while holding power, for 10 seconds, or until the flickering stops.  If the flickering stops, put the phone back in the rice for 24 hours.  You can also use those silica gel packs that comes along with some products, those will also absorb the moisture.

    Holding the volume down button and power, is like a hard reboot, and my thinking is that the phone is probably off, but stuck in some cycle.  It happened to me once, when I turned my phone off, turned it back on, and all I got was a solid red light, I had to hold those buttons down to get it back to working order.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

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  • 6 months ago

    Explain this to your teacher. Perhaps ask to use the device you are using now to post this question here. Your phone is most likely done and another is needed; make sure the next one is waterproof.

  • 6 months ago

    DONT CHARGE IT! Do not plug it in whatsoever. You could short it out. You're gonna have to let it sit for more than 12hrs. Probably more like 4 days in the rice. Use a blow dryer also. If you see any condensation anywhere then there's still moisture and needs more time to dry. I would reach out to your teacher and explain your situation. They will have to understand. Not every parent has money to shell out on the spot to replace a phone now a days. Check the used market for another if you need to replace it. Facebook marketplace is a decent place to start. Just be savvy about it and let your parents know. Best of luck. 

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