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Why is meat so expensive for the little packages you get ?

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    It's annoying, when the smaller packages are more per pound than the bigger packages of what looks like the same type and you're accustomed to buying just what you are planning to use and you don't want to freeze fresh meat.  Chicken is most guilty of this.  You can spend more and eat less but it's not frozen, or spend less and eat more but it's frozen... or just start biting the heads off of live chickens and be done with it all.  'Evidently Chickentown.'  

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    Small packaged cost more. And those prices are Way cheaper than i pay here. 

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    the smaller the cuts the more likely a second person butchered it after the slaughterhouse....more labor equals higher price.

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    A lot of processing plants have been shut or reduced work due to COVID but...

    Why are you buying boneless skinless chicken tenderloins?  Buy the whole chicken it is a LOT less expensive and cut it yourself. Even if you don't want the whole chicken don't buy tenderloin chicken breast portions buy the breast halves. 

    And buy what is on sale when it is on sale, adjust your menu when the ads come out. 

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    The main reason meat is expensive in the last decade or so is because of several severe drought that struck much of the ranching areas of the US between 2010 and 2015.  Before that (from 1950 to 2010), meat was actually very affordable and in some areas it was even cheap. I can remember buying a T-bone steak for less than $5. Because of the droughts, many ranchers had to sell off their herds to the slaughter houses and this means lower supply of cattle afterwards. It takes at least 10 years to rebuild a herd, but that assumes the ranchers want to increase their stock which is not likely since the price is high and they can make more money keeping things as they are; keeping supply low and demand high insures the price remains as is.

  • Anonymous
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    You're buying the wrong kind of meat. With COVID increasing demand and shutting down plants prices have gone up but $3 extra on a $45 ribeye is (was) still a $42 ribeye. In comparison, last September was the big harvest meaning you could find a chuck roast for barely $2-3/lb. They are $7/lb right now. Cod I've been coveting for a while is back to about $10 for both fillets where they were $25 for the same pack. Part of it is the cut and the season. Any time of the year if you buy organic boneless skinless chicken breasts that will be $15-20 for 2 breasts. If you buy a whole chicken you get the breasts and everything else for $5, $7.75 in COVID.

    When people say junk food is cheaper, compare that to a $4.50 bag of Doritos. If you crushed and molded them into a patty you'd likely have the weight and volume of one chicken thigh for he same price of the whole chicken. With veg, I got 3 baby bok choy for about $3. You can get 25lbs of rice for $8 but you can also get organic avocados in the wrong part of the country at the wrong time for $5 each. It's all just basic business.

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    There are a lot of costs involved in raising and processing meat. 

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