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Kathy asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 6 months ago

Is this an inconsiderate response?

George voluntarily walks into a store that happens to be a small building. Shortly after he enters, the customer before him walks out, resulting it being only the 2 of them. After he starts walking, Mark who’s the cashier asks him if he needs help looking for anything. George replies, “No, it’s ok” and then resumes walking around and tries to stay out of Mark’s way when they walk past each other. George infrequently looks at the items that are on the shelves or hanging while walking. After a long time, Mark ends up a few feet away from George then asks him if he’d like to try anything (examples include but not limited to: wearing a swimsuit in the dressing room to see if it fits, play with a popgun for a few minutes, etc). George sheepishly answers, “Um…not right now. Ok, I’ll leave.” Mark happens to be a couple inches away from the door. While George walks past him, Mark gently says while looking down and pointing to the door, “Yeah, you probably need to leave.” Was George causing the business inconvenience or was Mark justified in saying that to him?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Customers browsing is not uncommon.  Mark potentially feeling frustrated that George did not purchase anything, does not negate George's decision-making process.

  • Edna
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    6 months ago

    Well, this is strange. When you asked this question a few minutes ago, it was Bob and Jane who were in the store.

  • Cogito
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    6 months ago

    How many versions of this scenario are you going to post?

    Being so obsessed by a perfectly ordinary situation, which most people would have forgotten in a minute, is not normal.

    Maybe get some counselling?

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    sounds like it could be

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Perhaps Mark thought the customer's behavior was suspicious and wanted to remedy the situation by asking him to leave.

  • JJ
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    6 months ago

    It's OK - George is not going to have hard feelings because some other guy said something. If the cashier was a female, things would have been different.

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