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How can I get away without having to pay child support and why is the childcare system inherently sexist and in favor of females?

I only had protected sex with this female once and the condom broke and as a male I automatically don't have any input from the beginning because of how one-sided the system is. I don't have any input on whether she gets an abortion or keeps the baby because the whole thing is more personal to her body. I don't get the same preference that her and her family do over child custody unless I stay with her or there is something vitally wrong with her and they choose me before another relative or an adoptive parent or foster care. And then there is child support. They always look for the male or his family to provide child support first, especially if her family is poor and lazy. And and let me tell you, this female is one lazy, incompetent pig who will never have any kind of a job or be a good role model for anyone. If I do not get custody then why am I paying the majority of child support? Why is this lazy fat slob getting everything she wants while she sits around all day doing nothing waiting for UPS to deliver baby food for free with her EBT card?


If the male gets stuck raising the child is she or her family expected to pay child support? Why can't it go both ways?

Update 2:

What if the female has primary custody and earns more? How is she entitled to child support then?

Update 3:

Don't tell me to be a man you sexist. That is like me telling her to be a woman and get off her lazy *** and go and do stereotypical things like go to the kitchen and cook meals and take care of the home which she will not because she is the laziest. And in respect to all of this birth control / contraceptives... She was too lazy and careless to get herself on any of that before this happened. She still isn't on it now and just sits there eating and using the toilet and waiting for UPS to come.

Update 4:

If she has primary custody and makes 8x what I make then forcing me to pay anything is almost arbitrary law. It might not be gendered but its arbitrary as Hell if she is rich enough to provide complete support, doesn't need me, and I have no custody. Asking me for any money at that point is arbitrary stupidity.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you get SSI or a veteran`s pension, they can`t legally touch it or garnish your check.

  • MissA
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    2 months ago

    You could petition  the court to be the primary custodian of your child and do the vast majority of raising them yourself.  As a man, you're quite likely to be successful if you ask to do that.  Child support is basically calculated by a simple equation in which the incomes of both parents and who is doing the caregiving are factored in.  Raise your own kid?  She pays you.  Win win.

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    The time to have a vasectomy was before the child was conceived, which would have given you the child free life you wanted.

    Yes, if a man has sole custody of a child, the mother pays child support.

  • 2 months ago

    You weren't doing the tango, but there were still two of you doing it. Life has consequences. Get used to it.

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    Deal with it. If the condom supposingly broke and you know she has no money, why didn’t you pay for a morning after pill? Sounds like you slept with her more than once. Also, You knew she was a lazy slob when you slept with her. Grow up and be a man. 

  • LizB
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    "And and let me tell you, this female is one lazy, incompetent pig who will never have any kind of a job or be a good role model for anyone."

    So you had sex with her... why? And you had sex without verifying she was on birth control or what her plans were in the event of unplanned pregnancy... why?

    And yes, if the father gets primary custody -or- they have 50/50 custody but the female parent earns more, the father is entitled to child support. Child support is not gendered, it's simply that women have primary custody more often (and usually with the father's cooperation and agreement as few custody cases actually go to trial), and are also more likely to earn less.

    "Updated 2 days ago:

    What if the female has primary custody and earns more? How is she entitled to child support then?"

    Because a child is entitled to financial support from BOTH parents. If the parents were together, the child would benefit from both parents' incomes. Why should that change if the parents choose not to be together? Besides, any amount the non-custodial parent pays would still be far less income that goes toward the child than if they were living in the same household as their child. Plus they get out of the real hard work of actually raising that child. Writing a check once a month is infinitely easier.

    And BTW, if the father had primary custody *and* earned more, the mother would still owe child support to him. Because, again, child support is not gendered.

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    i dont think you can

  • 2 months ago

    Because females traditional get stuck raising children.

    Sin has a cost.

  • 2 months ago

    Do the ring b4 the thing

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