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Should I allow my kids to stay at my moms house if she is a hoarder and refuses to clean up?

She has bedbugs and roach infestation and gets mad because I no longer allow the kids to come over anymore because the last time we stay over we all got bit by bedbugs. She is nasty the roaches are out of control and she doesn’t want anyone to call maintainance. I have stopped speaking to her because of this every time I mention it she gets upset. What should I do I don’t want to lose her but I am about to call adult services 

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    Why would you knowingly put your children in danger?  Why would you subject your children to that kind of environment?  

    No, of course you should not let your children spend any time at your mother's home until it is safe.  Not visits, let alone a sleep over.  

    If you have offered assistance to your mother in the form of helping her clean, hiring a service, calling maintenance, or whatever, and she has refused, then you need to accept that she has some kind of problem and she is in danger herself.  The correct thing to do as a loving daughter is to call social services or the police and ask for a welfare check.  

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    No, you shouldn't. Maybe it will be a wake-up call for your mom.

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    NO ! what if there was a fire and your kids cant get out ?

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    Definitely a NO! Why would you be considering that????? You really want your children to get bitten by bedbugs or sick with digestive issues from roaches? Not to mention infesting your own car or home. Don't talk to her until she gets help. Hoarding is unhealthy and problematic, both mentally and physically. She needs an investigation. Hoarding is not legal. 

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