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Should I tell anyone/significant other this ever?

So I used to drink alcohol for social anxiety. I feel a lot of shame because of it now. I used to drink on impulse literally. I would drink before going out, before meeting someone, before a presentation, before a date, even at work. I would even drink a little before going out to the mall shopping or out to dinner or before going to someone’s house or meeting up with someone. I even drank before interacting with my ex boyfriend because I wanted to be more confident. Like I would drink in my room and then go downstairs and talk to him. And I drank alcohol before meeting my relatives at the airport because I was nervous. I know it sounds crazy and I’m so ashamed now because I didn’t need it. My aunt told me I should never tell this to anyone including my significant other. 

What is your opinion on this? I regret it and I’m so embarrassed. Should I not tell this to anyone and keep it for myself? I don’t drink anymore at all btw. Thanks.

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    If you were to tell someone about this, I'll bet the person would classify you as, at best, a recovering alcoholic or, at worst, a drunk. If you gave a vague explanation for why you don't drink, like, "I don't like alcoholic beverages," that would be withholding information but it wouldn't convey a false impression. I really think describing your history of drinking would convey a false impression, which is not being fair to yourself. The ramifications, such as gossip, could be terrible. Besides, who needs to know?

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