Cleaning business - First Employee?

Hello all!

I have my own cleaning business, which I currently run on my own (40hrs per week). I am preparing to hire my first member of staff, but have hit a decision wall.

Do I hire the member of staff first, without having any clients for them, gradually giving them hours when they come in?

Do I acquire the clients first, holding them off until the new employee is ready to visit them?

Or do I split my hours and donate them to the new employee, and acquire more clients for the both of us over time, yet taking a temporary hit in income?

Any additional tips or tricks that you can think of will be a great help, so thank you in advance! 

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  • 7 months ago

    First, you make certain that you have almost more clients than you can handle on a weekly basis.

    Then you bring in someone...part time to full time...and you train them on the various client needs (Someone ALWAYS wants the trash can cleaned with bleach..someone else always wants the cat litter raked in a specific direction.)

    Then you send them out on jobs alone while you approach new clients and sign up new business.

    You will not be splitting your salary too long!

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    7 months ago

    Option 3. You'll need to take time to properly train the employee before you send them out on their own. Expansion always causes a certain amount of growing pains.

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