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Help! Need answers about what is going on with my coworker/friend?? ?

I’ll try to be concise, yet detailed oriented as possible. There was this girl that I used to work with at Tosca who is currently in a 2 year relationship with some guy who picks her up and drops her off at work now and then, but this is where it gets very odd and strange. And no particular order, the two months she’s been working here, I saw her boyfriend honk his horn at her Repeatedly as she walks towards his car from coming off of work and then speeds off “yelling at her” (which she denies in text message, saying he plays like that, he was just singing out loud to music)... I saw this girl wear ear buds underneath her headwear  explaining to me it’s for music, which I don’t believe she uses it for that only, I heard her talking to him on the phone through the Apple iPod a few times discreetly in an anxious tone. I saw this girl go to the bathroom several times an hour at work everyday like she is texting him “updating” him about her whereabouts at work... One time she came to work with an arm brace saying she sprained her arm at work (I research and found out her bf practice mma type sports)... She lies a lot about not being able to come into work, or she leaves early a lot, also comes in late, I believe maybe she is being restricted by someone from coming. I did found out she lives with her bf and his mother. (Found out also from a news channel her bf dad was killed by cops from

Domestic violence In 2011). What do you think is going on with her? And how can I help? 

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    Stay out of it.

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