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Why do different bugs bite certain people?

My boyfriend and I can be in the same room, and if there are fleas in there he will get them all over him and they bite. I never see them on me or any bites. When we're outside, mosquitoes eat me up but don't bother him. Both types of bugs want our blood, I'm just wondering why one bug is attracted to him but avoids me, and vice versa. 

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    I don't have any information on fleas, but I'm such a mosquito magnet that I did some research on why.

    It's largely body chemistry. The most-bitten adults are usually female, at least slightly overweight and/or pregnant, perspiring or haven't yet showered after perspiring, are DNA secreters (their DNA is in their perspiration), have blood type O, especially O negative, and have consumed potassium (in lots of foods, including bananas).

    Does any of that apply to you?

    I've done pretty well this summer with starting citronella candles on the patio a half hour before I'm going to hang out there and with using this insect repellent. (Not too near your mouth, because you can taste it even though it doesn't go in, and not near the eyes, because it stings like crazy. Also be warned it ruins nail polish. But it really works.)

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