How do I read my birth chart?

Don't know too much about astrology but am interested in it cause I find it quite interesting 

Would like to know how to read my birth chart and find out what all those signs mean when it comes to my personally traits 

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  • 6 months ago
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    A true student of astrology - not a cookbook reader, would have a background not only in history, but astronomy, philosophy, and math.  The Genius doesn't know math at all.  He also knows nothing about astrology, but thinks that's a qualification for a critic.  The astrology skeptic is the true bigot.

    As for your chart, in order to read one, it takes about 90 minutes worth of background to give a 1 hour "reading." That's an awful lot of work to ask from someone, especially when they know they aren't going to get so much as a "thank you," for their efforts.

    If you really like astrology and aren't putting up nonsense for the Genius to give a silly answer, find a good beginner's book. 

    Or find what you can about that Saturn in Aries Mars in Libra opposition.  It's really nasty. 

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    6 months ago

    Edit: Don’t trust me or anyone. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. Can we all agree astrology is extraordinary?

    Use the internet your finger tips. If I wanted to learn astrology, the first thing I’d want to see is what researchers have found so far. Try a simple search "astrology research results". There must be plenty of independent tests results available. Also it would be helpful to know the techniques. How the data is collected and the type of tests conducted.

    Naturally, no one mentions the expenses. Learning astrology costs a lot. Unless you’re going to be an astrologer for profit, why bother? Don’t you know your personality? It would be cheaper to see a professional and let them tell you what is already known. 

    Note a specific "good beginner's book" is not recommended. Nor which books are to be avoided. Math? Actual equations? Which books explain the math?

    Of course you can’t "read" charts. Your school failed to invest in astrology literacy. It’s strange why such an important and natural subject is ignored by all education systems.

    So why aren’t you seeing a professional astrologer? These people interpret for a living. Only those that have certifications and years of experience can be trusted. We’re in the entertainment section. Why would you accept the word of amateurs? Thousands of astrologers are online. Don’t be cheap on your irrational belief.

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