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What's a more fierce Derby, Portsmouth v Southampton or Sheffield Utd v Sheffield Wednesday?

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    'fierce' derbies are rare in the premier league if you are referring to tackles flying in, players getting 'stuck in' and lot of dirty fouls etc

    they still happen but in controlled manner, and in selective moments.  the reason for this is mainly because teams are now technically very good at passing, finding space, keeping the ball and slowing down tempo of game when they need to. 

    having said this,  i'd wager that the merseyside derby is the 'fiercest' derby in epl.

    everton always 'bring it' against us, but against a team like ours its just extremely difficult to get the ball off of us as we move it and control it almost at will, thanks to extremely fit, agile strong and technically adept players.

    im of the opinion that with VAR, the game will simply see less and less 'ferocity' and 'malicious' careless tackles.  teams are now focused on getting results and will try and play to win even if theyre at the foot of the table.

    we have single handedly changed the way everyone has to play in the epl, especially against us.

    City are the only team in the league who can play their own game and express themselves against us and be dangerous, as they're outstanding technically.

    i cannot see any of hte top 4 clubs reducing the gulf in class between us and city.  its a huge gulf in class and it will not be closed over night,  thats wishful thinking.

    both chelsea and united need good transfer market activity and hope their best current XI players improve further next season.

    for me, derbies are not quite what they use to be in the epl.  now derby games are played with more poise, elegance, technical abilty on display rather than rash challenges and taking a yellow or red for the team.

    of those derbies,  I'd say the Sheffield derby might be more 'fierce' than the South Coast one. 

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    Which one gets the most arrests?

    Derby games always mean more to the fans, players are too mercenary to understand their importance so games rarely live up to their billing.

    The Steel City match is tasty.

    But Pompey and Saints hate each other.

    If you want the oldest rivalry in football the East Lancs Derby since 1888.

    Blackburn and Burnley slugging it out.(I Love the Derby Game).

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    Wednesday V United but both are cracking derbys.

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    South Coast Derby

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