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What exactly is wrong with wanting to talk to the manager?

Why are women (and only women, hmmmmmm) being mocked and bullied for wanting to talk to the manager in stores when something doesn't go right for them? The new insult Karen is spreading faster than the non existent Coronavirus.

Whenever women stand up for themselves and FIGHT for our RIGHTS we are laughed at and called Karen. I as a woman am entitled to my rights, shop workers tend to be uneducated and thus don't understand the patriarchy and male privilege. I am educated and know all about the struggle women face in the Western world today, I know how corrupt and sexist the world is and I FIGHT! I FIGHT for the underdog and I know my rights and I am entitled to my rights.

Why must it be us women who want to speak to the manager?! A real man would stand up for himself and ask to speak to the manager too. Thankfully my sons would ask to speak to the manager too, I raised them right. I know men that would never ask to speak to the manager, this is a sign of low confidence and not a real man. REAL men ask to speak to the manager. 


@Blahblahblah So men are weak and it is up to us women to do the fighting? My sons fight for their rights and would ask to speak to the manager.

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    This statement is sexist; 'A real man would stand up for himself and speak to the Manager too'.  This statement is a lie;  'Corona virus is non existent'.  This statement is prejudiced and your implying that all 'Shop workers tend to be uneducated' and yet you imply that you are 'fighting for the underdog', at the same time as believing them to be uneducated.

    Is there any wonder why people on Social Media are taking the piiss out of women like you, whom are hypocrites without seemingly knowing this.

    My advice to the likes of you, would be to try working either in a Shop or for a Call Centre, and see how long you cope with dealing with people who complain about pointless things and how you cope with idiots like you, who also talk down to other's believing that your entitled to be an arguing MORON, just because your a white Middle aged woman.

    Source(s): I too am a white middle aged woman, but as I've prior knowledge of working in both Retail and Customer Services/Call Centre, I've had to listen to the foul disagreeable male and female 'KARENS', they aren't nice and need to be re educated.
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    I am unaware of this trend. There is nothing wrong with (and everything right about)walking a grievance up the chain of command. 

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    There was a review on NPR (National Public Radio) on the use of "Karen" as an insult, hiding behind "anonymous" and it was the first time I'd heard of it in my 75 years. In a follow-up discussion on CNN about Democratic candidate Joe Biden narrowing his choice for a running mate to three powerful Black women: former California Prosecuting Attorney, now Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA); former UN Ambassador in the Obama/Biden administration Susan Rice; and two possible others. Comments about each of these high-achieving highly qualified women from Congressional Republicans and the Koch-controlled right-wing GOP had included the word "ambitious" as if this is an UNDESIRABLE trait in women---something the Old Testament religious-freak extremists calling the shots for the Republican party in this "era of [chauvinistic, misogynistic] Trump" fear, evidently.  

    Let's analyze your question's point of requesting to talk to a store's manager if a salesperson fails to meet the woman customer's demands or needs.  I think you put too much emphasis on your "shouted" 'FIGHT' option, unnamed asker. Do you know the difference between ASSERTIVE and AGGRESSIVE?  The former is more gentile, without a need for anger or bullying---a "stand your ground" quietly and firmly without fury.  My training in psychology in my double-major college days would recommend that a woman (like any man or older child) can legitimately ask to have a business's manager to act as a mediator, but I also suggest that you give the employee(s) a chance to fix the problem before resorting to the request for the manager. The optimal problem-solving tool should not be used as a weapon to frighten subordinates.  

    I have a female manic-depressive Scorpio friend who likes to bully waitresses in restaurants by routinely sending her ordered food back with complaints, even when there is nothing wrong with the food. She then imperiously (like a "Grand Dame") demands to speak to the manager (for no good reason), perhaps hoping she won't be billed when the food she sent back to the kitchen is returned. POINT: Don't do the whole "talk to the manager" routine with a chip on your shoulder.  Most problems can be resolved at the employee-consumer level if the consumer remains calm, shows some empathy, and gives the likely-underpaid employee a chance to fix things.

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    Because the next time you come into our restaurant, something extra will be in your food or drink. Bottom line, I've done it to customers like you before. No regrets.

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    go kick their asss...I'm serious. they are cowards.

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    Karens can be male.

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    Men typically aren't as petty as women. They know their rights too, but choose to forego them to avoid stirring up drama. The fact that you're educated matters very little because most of the foolish people I know have degrees. So basically women don't mind creating drama and love to yell about their rights. That's why they call these women Karens. Just ignore the Karening if it makes you so angry.  Only weak people scream and fight for their rights as they feed off of their emotions. Truly strong people know when to stand up for themselves, and when to let it go, and are inwardly strong enough to just suck it up for the benefit of everyone.. It's called wisdom and not being self centered

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    Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to speak to the manager, but Karens lack those legitimate reasons. Karens are spoiled children seeking attention at the expense of others and we should have rules that allow us to toss them out on the street and ban them from entering stores period.

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    Because managers are not the only ones that can resolves your issues. Ever heard of employees?

  • Bill
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    The idea behind the Karen meme is that certain women are annoying busybodies that need to shut their face. In the example with the manager it's not that she is calling for the manager that is the problem, but that her reason for calling for the manager is improper. 

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