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Who would you rather have?

Someone who might have a little nicer body but you don't trust as much and don't test you as good, or someone who you trust more then them and treats you better. Might have a little less attractive body tho but they are naturally skinny and won't have to worry about them getting fat like the other one might. And faces are about the same level of attractiveness. You are attracted to both of them. Which would you rather have. Keep in mind the first one might expect more of you and is a lot more conditional. Like they expect you to be a certain way or they won't like you or treat you right. You know the type. And is hard to trust and love them. 


To the butterfly things thanks I appreciate your advice. I do kinda feel like the other one is to good for me and would be super high maintenance and I don't know if I could pull that off or if would want to. I'd only try anyways if I were to get rich. And I've been planning to share and I've kinda already promised them some in a way. And can't go back on it. So I'm thinking at the very least I'd want to try and maybe keep both of them around. And the same for the other one. I wanted to share

Update 2:

With them to. Unless they are crazy or something and bring drama into my life then nvm. Or try to ruin your other relationships. That's the only condition.

Update 3:

Nobody else tho. Nobody else ain't getting ****.

Update 4:

I was kinda hoping they already new each other and liked each other honestly. Who knows we will just have to see. If even it ever happens. Well if I did wake up one day rich well at least I will have a plan. 

Update 5:

Like if they seem to like you so much and if you could afford to keep them around and you are attracted to them and wouldn't mind it why wouldn't you want to. Nobody else tho because then that would take away from them and want to make sure you have enough to be happy. 

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  • Jason
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    2 months ago

    When you grow up you will look back and regret never kissing that sweet neighbour girl that your really liked, the same as that girl in class who may have been tubby, a bit strange and the subject of your friends ridicule.    Her eyes and smile made your day, that memory will never fade and always feel like a weight you can't get rid of.  Never allow other opinions to influence matters of the heart.   If you live to another mans ideal then you will never be happy in life, ever thinking the grass is always greener on the other side.   

  • 🦋
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    2 months ago

    Choose the 2nd one

  • Jesere
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Neither......, I would rather be alone

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