(BDSM/DDlg) How do previously unappreciated kinks suddenly become appealing?

Im a 24 year old sub and I have always been into kink and bdsm. Even looking back on my childhood (though I didnt understand much beyond it being secretive at the time) I was dabbling in or imagining situations involving bondage, humiliation, degradation, breathplay and servitude.

I never had an inclination towards ddlg. Just didnt appeal. Calling people things like 'Sir' was a turn on, where as 'Daddy' was a hard no, just made be think of my father. Though I do think I naturally display what would be considered some subtle 'little' tendencies, even in my vanilla life.

A few years ago I developed a disassociation between the term 'Daddy' and the word 'father'. I think this was up to my overexposure to the term from both the LGBT community and the kink community

About a week ago I suddenly found myself enamoured with the idea of having a Daddy, a need for that role. Ive been dipping into little space unexpectedly. I fell asleep beside my bf lastnight with a Daddy asmr playing through earphones to soothe me. I'm not ashamed of this interest but I know it would make him uncomfortable.

My question: is this something I've always had an inclination for and only now have destigmatised it for myself or can you develop an interest in a previously undesired kink? All my newly discovered kinks over the years were either there from childhood or just things I hadnt explored yet. But this I saw, learned about, dismissed and then it suddenly rearended my brain out of nowhere years later

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The more you dabble, the easier the next step becomes.    Think very seriously

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