Dream interpretation? ?

So my dad has alotta friends in military and first responders. So I know a lot of them too.

In the dream my dad was good friends with a military general, like the ones you see on TV, and I had a flashback to years ago where the general told me that I could go with him to some “meeting” with other top generals and admirals. That he’d save a spot next to him for me and I thought it was special bc he told me years in advance.

Then the day came and someone else in the family had the car, so I started jogging in the direction of where the meeting was taking place. I kept running into many hurdles along the way, like running through a shopping center, to end up going in a circle three times and not knowing how to escape it.. I looked up above the shopping center to see a helicopter lowering troops, and something told me that was the generals arriving... I just kept running that way, trying with every part of me to get there as fast as I could, scared of letting the general down when he saved me a seat. Scared of embarrassing him and not being there for him when this thing was so important... I knew I was late and Id be sweaty, but at least I would be there.. Then I was running down the highway when a man pulled over in his truck, and he was a friend of my dads and security for the generals, and he told me it was all over... Just had this overwhelming feeling of trying so hard and letting him down, and he was already gone now so I couldn’t even tell him I was coming...


What does this mean exactly..? Any help appreciated...

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  • 2 months ago

    I think the most striking thing about this dream is the fact that the man who invited you to the meeting was not your father.  You begin by saying your father had lots of friends in the military and he also had many friends who were first responders.   But then you shift to another man who invited you to attend the meeting, and promised to save you a spot. This man was a Military General, so of great importance.  Maybe the dream shows that you would have much trouble applying for a job in the military, to be like the General.  You were clearly drawn to him, and his office, but the dream shows a disheartening end, as you never made the connection to what you desired.  

  • 2 months ago

    Dream is just a memory of ur practical life experiences and may be probabilities in ur real life to see a Army General

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