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What is it like living in a UK village ?

I’ve only ever know what life is like in a huge city and have no idea how villages are like other than going to the city park 

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  • John P
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    2 months ago

    A city park will give you no idea of what life in an village in the UK might be like. And note that village life in different villages is different! You need to spend some time in a couple of villages in different parts of the UK to get a picture of village life in the UK.

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  • 2 months ago

    It was okay before the Internet.  But now we can't live without it, Internet connection is so bad there that it's not a great place to live if you're young or housebound. 

    But back in the day (early 90s and early 2000s) I thought it was great. The local supermarket had everything I needed in walking distance. Foods I liked, teen magazines, hygiene products.  

    Most villages are equipped with everything you need. A supermarket, a bakery, a library, a chip shop, a pharmacy, a gp surgery, a dentist, a church. But you'll have to take the train to school or work which can be a pain.

    It was always nice going out for a walk because the countryside was so beautiful and quiet. It felt very safe because small villages are mainly populated by old people. You're not likely to get raped while going on your evening jog!

    You can leave the curtains open and the light on and no ones really out there to see you. Night times are really peaceful. Early mornings smell gorgeous and the noises the doves make sound heavenly. 

    The only thing that was a pain is there would be no channel 5 if you didn't have cable TV. But the houses feel so cozy that you feel just satisfied sitting inside reading a book. I'm not sure what village life is like now but 20 years ago it was great.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Boring..That is why I got out and have lived my life in the central areas of Glasgow,Edinburgh,London & Manchester ever since...Not all at the same time of course..I have moved house...Best thing about the sh1thole I grew up in is the road OUT !!!!

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  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    Living in a village, any village is nothing like a 'city park' ........ I have lived in 3 villages and 2 hamlets  also lived in 3 cities.... I was brought up with  homes 1 in the country for  weekends and holidays and 1 in the city for my parents businesses/my school.

    If you have only known a city then it is unlikely you would survive rural living...... in the city/town everything is on your doorstep, shops, buses, schools, entertainment, taxis where as rurally there is none or very little, you make your own entertainment, plan a weekly shopping trip and get everything needed or go without and the country is not 'quiet' it is not a park, it can be very busy especially at certain times during the year such as planting and harvest time when they are working 24/7 so you hear large machinery moving about, lights on the tractors, combine harvesters, ploughs etc.

    I lived in London for 3 years after I finished school to study, loved it but was soooooooo pleased when it finished and I could return to my home in a small village and I would never return to live in any town or city.

    Everyone knows everyone in rural communities, whereas in town/cities many don't even know the name ( or speak to) their next door neighbour.... so you get lost in a town/city whereas there is no chance of that living rurally

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    You need a car, I had to travel 7 miles to get milk. The nearest bus stop was a mile away. However, no street lights so the sky at night was awesome. Flaky internet, we could see every season as the countryside changed. Foxes calling at night, could sound creepy. You have to get on with your neighbours. If one had a party we all went. Nice life until you get older.


  • snafu
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    2 months ago

    It’s quieter than a big city.  There are less facilities but being England you don’t have to drive far for services and groceries.  I live in a semi rural area which gives me easy access to the countryside but also has good rail connections to London should i require a cultural hit.

  • Clive
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    2 months ago

    Very quiet!  You do find that everyone knows each other especially if it's a small one, and there will be about one village shop that isn't open for long hours, so really you need a car to get to the nearest town.

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