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Bearded Dragon help?

First off, I’ve never had a bearded dragon before, but I’ve always wanted one. Two days ago, I went a bought poppy, a little beardy and I’m already in love. The problem is, I woke up this am and it’s not acting right. It won’t eat, it’s breathing seems heavy, it’s spinning around, and can’t seem to balance. Before I bought it, I went and asked what was needed. I bought a reptile cage kit from pet co, which came with everything except the heating bulb (which I purchased based of the employees suggestion.) 

I’m scared there’s something seriously wrong with it. Any help is appreciated. 


It’s now rubbing it’s face on the reptile carpet in the cage. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Half the crap in that kit is useless for beardie..  The light fixture and UVB they come with is garbage.  If it has a heat rock, throw it out.

    Your description sounds like a neurological problem... Possibly atadenovirus.

  • 2 months ago

    Leave her alone. She's very stressed right now. You would feel the exact same way if someone plucked you from the only home you've ever known and placed you in a completely different environment. I think you came on too fast, too soon. Many people will leave their new reptile alone for several days until they are used to the cage. Is the cage too big? Is she a baby? Sometimes, a too-big cage can cause stress, too. You can get a divider in there.

    Truth is, it could be any number of things. There could be toxins in the cage (did you clean it beforehand? If you didn't, there you go. If you did, could be something you used), you didn't get a healthy one to begin with, she's beyond stressed out, she's have a panic attack, ANYTHING. We don't know her age, size, anything like that, either.

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