Help I always ovulate mid week, how can I move my cycle a few days?

I want to get pregnant, but my ovulation always falls on a Wednesday cause my cycle is 28 days and a week is 7 days. Rarely ever is my cycle any longer or shorter. But I only see my bf on the weekend and I want to get pregnant... How can I shift my cycle a couple of days? I heard stress and not eating can delay your period, but that doesn't seem healthy. I have progesterone laying around, could that help to maybe make my period come faster or later? Any other tips?


Thanks for the answer. But even if I have sex on a sunday, it's still a four day survival while I read somewhere most sperms only live 3 days. It makes all the difference. But I will use the tips of answer two and try to sync up my cycle with other woman, or the moon, since it is full a couple of days before I ovulate.

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    2 months ago
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    Sperm can live for up to five days.

    Sex on a Saturday night can still cause pregnancy on a Wednesday.

    When you are with him on the weekends, have sex often during the weekend.  It should leave a good supply of sperm that should live long enough to be there when the egg arrives.  

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    2 months ago

    Find a couple of  GF who are on the cycle you want.

    Then hang-out with them for as much time as you can.

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