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Is there an astronaut who has gone to the moon but came back mentally damaged and never wanted to do it again 🚀 🌙?

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    Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon is the second of two autobiographical books written by Buzz Aldrin, the former Apollo 11 astronaut who with Neil Armstrong made the first human Moon landing. The 2009 book concentrates mainly on the period after his return from space, and illuminates many of the difficulties he had in coping with his instant world-wide fame following the achievement.

    In the book Aldrin writes candidly about depression, the breakup of his marriage, the isolation and loss of a sense of purpose after leaving NASA, and a decade of struggle to overcome alcoholism.

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    Neil Armstrong was never the same after he came back

    Became a bit of a recluse

    Bill the Cat had it a lot worse

    He completely lost it !!

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    I wouldn't call it damaged... but... changed?  

    Ed Mitchell raised a few eyebrows after he came back... I remember an interview with Al Shepard, and they asked him about some of Ed Mitchell's statements, and Shepard said, "Yeah... I don't know what happened to Ed up there; but he & I had a slightly different experience."  And left it at that. 

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