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Endoscopy/Colonscopy results help?

I recently had a enodscopy and colonscopy done and would anyone be able to help with the results

Endoscopy - Erthema in the distal esphogus (biospied),normal stomach, erythematous duodenopathy. 

Colonscopy- erythematous mucousa in the distal sigmoid colon (biospied),  biospy was taken from the asending colon for evaulation of microscopic colitis.

My doctor has already ruled out celiac disease and H Pylori. Would someonene able to interpret these findings? It seems like I have redness but not sure. Do you think the redness in esphogus and duodenpathy is connected to redness in sigmoid colon?

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    Any answer we provide would be a guess.

    Ask your own doctor to explain these results to you.

    If you do not understand after he/she tries to explain it, then ask again, and again, until you are clear about what these mean.

  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    We are not Doctors, ask yours.

  • 6 months ago

    Yes you have redness (which is inflammation) and they did a biopsy. You have to wait for those results.

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