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 This man named Jim betrayed my family in 2009. How do I forgive him and move on and let it go?

He betrayed them through gossip. He died three years later of cancer so this man has been dead for eight years. However I still hold onto it and feel like I cannot let go because it would be a betrayal of my family to forgive this person. It was apparently very out of character of the man so it’s not like he was an evil person but he falsely accuse my dad of adultery. He had my dad mixed up with someone else.  Since my parents were divorced my mother believe the man and spread it around town. Her bipolar disorder made it worse and of course she’s my mother and I love her so I had an easier time forgiving my mother than this man Jim. 


How do I forgive this man and let it go?

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    Tell him we all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo

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    write a letter about how you feel about him and burn it or flush it down the toilet or something

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