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Our families are overbearing. How should we go about our elopement?

(If it helps, I’m 26F and he’s 21M)

My fiancé and I have “helicopter” families, which is why our engagement is a secret amongst us and a few other people. What we’re planning on doing later on this year is moving in together and eloping around the same time, but this is where I’m concerned:

Should we tell our families about our elopement beforehand or elope and then tell them? My older sister, who I trust very much, says to just tell people a date and time and then they can make a decision on whether to go or not. However, my fiancé prefers to elope first and then tell them, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea because the last thing I need is a family member coming to our place and yelling at us.

Which option would be less of a problem?

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    The definition of elope is NOT telling people before.  Just do it and tell your family later.  You are both adults.  If a relative yells at you tell them to MYOB.

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    I think you need to find out and understand what exactly an elopement is before deciding to undertake one. 

    If you and your fiance can't figure this out together, then you ought not to be getting married in the first place.

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