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How to get out of Scorpio silent treatment?

Within a span of 3 weeks. 3 family members have died of covid and my mom is going blind in one eye which is causing her to have strong depression. I’ve been staying strong being the oldest of all my siblings. But I recently had a breakdown. It was bad. Lashing out on everyone crying one minute angry the next. After seeing a pic of one of the family members who passed away I snapped, I was so close to her. And seeing my mother cry cause of her eyesight made it worse. I lashed out on him the day after we had sex. Going off cause he didn’t text back after I sent a text hours ago. blowing up his phone.i have been  Begging for his forgiveness. He hasn’t responded to any of it. I feel so bad. I’m getting grief counseling from my university tomorrow. And even though we were casual he’s really been a nice person and we were becoming friends . I would at least like to be his friend. But how can I get his forgiveness and trust? I wasn’t actually even mad at him. My emotions have been horrible. I was holding it all in. I even bought sorry gifts to be sent to his place cause I feel so horrible. We’ve always gotten along, everything was perfect. I’ve just been crying or getting angry a lot. And I feel so bad and guilty that I haven’t been able to sleep.

He hasn’t responded to anything. I called once and he hung up and blocked my calls but not my iMessages. How can I get his forgiveness?

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  • Janet
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    Yes, grief counselling is definitely called for. These are very tough times and it is not at all surprising that you buckled under the weight of your grief and loss. I think you have been very strong and can be proud of the weight you have carried so well.  Do not feel bad or guilty .. you are human, and all of us are imperfect.  Yet we are all worthy of being loved.

    As for your bf, talk to the grief counselor about that.Understand that the only time a relationship seems perfect is when it is still in the fantasy/honeymoon phase. And that phase never lasts.  No relationship will be perfect, since no person is perfect ... and the belief that a relationship or person CAN be perfect is just an illusion that will not survive for more than a while ... reality always deflates it.And when it dies out, problems/hurt/anger starts to happen and THAT is when we discover IF we are going to survive as a couple. Couples who are able to work together on the bad stuff make it work and do not break up. Those who are not suitable for the long-term will break up.You cannot get over him if you try to remain his friend.  Getting over someone means you stop dwelling on them and instead turn your mind to other things. But if you are thinking about him, communicating with him, seeing him .. you will remain mired in misery and not get over him.

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    Seems like you was being a massive ***** tbh.

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