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Would you leave or stay ?

If there is a guy whom you've been together for few years with below, would u stay or leave?

▪︎He really loves you

▪︎He never cheats

▪︎He is supportive at times

▪︎He cares for you

▪︎He doesn't tell lies


▪︎He has unstable job with a low pay

▪︎He and you shared the same religion but his level not the same as yours

▪︎He is finiancially unstable

▪︎You put in more savings for both of your marriage than him

What are your perspective on this guy ?

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  • I didn't read this properly.  You married him.  Do you have children?  If so, it's best to support them and let him have a supportive role like a wife.  After all, they are his children.  You seem to value yourself more than the marriage.  If he's making you do everything, explain that he needs to do the chores if he can't pay the bills.  You have to split the work.  

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    5 days ago

    You mentioned religion, so if your a Christian this is for you. If your not a Christian you can also read it. If your a true Christian your main focus is JesusChrist & being a true follower, being the example in Christ & unashamed sharing the true word of Christ in ur everyday life. The scriptures do say somewhere, that it is best not to marry, but if you can't sustain yourself from sexual desires & lusts to marry someone in Christ, but be aware that marriage will keep you busy, but it's not bad if you keep your vows in Christ, it's good. Jesus Christ says "It is best not to vow(promise) to God, then to vow & break that vow to God." Pray about it, talk it over, separate for a time & return. You could divorce if violence, adultery is committed or forgive in christ & heal in Christ. You can't re-marry until ur 1st ex- husband has passed away. & may God bless you both & help you both. Most of these aren't my words but from Christ.

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  • 1 week ago

    He can't provide for you or even share in the provision? What do you want, you'll have to decide.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I never get involved with unstable arrangements until I get a call to collect a body, I'm the local undertaker.

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  • 1 month ago

    This Jew found a good guy but is thinking about leaving because he doesn't have good good. This hoe belongs on the streets.

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    2 months ago

    Why is this question in Poetry when it should be in Family and Relationships?

    You married him "for better and for worse".  Discuss your marriage with him, not with us.  Both of you seek a financial counselor and a marriage counselor. Your pastor can suggest the latter person if he does not counsel you himself.

  • 2 months ago

    That's oddly specific.

  • 2 months ago

    Are you sure your not talking about ya anyway 

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    only you can make this decision ultimately, divorce is a serious thing. if you are not truly happy in this relationship and you can't see him putting any effort into growing as a person, in his career, or in his religion and especially if he is taking you for granted and just expects you to financially support him constantly without anything in return, it doesn't sound like its a strong relationship that is built to last. Again, if you are not enjoying the relationship, if it's "just okay", "tolerable", if you're saying things like "i love him, but", "i wish he could be more..." then i personally would leave. because why would you accept something that is just tolerable for the rest of your life when you could have someone that excites you and who's passions and desires align with yours? someone who genuinely makes you happy all the time and doesn't just fit the criteria of a good husband? 

  • 2 months ago

    i'd stay. genuine love n honesty is hard to come by. it sounds like he's bad with finances but that can be improved upon, no?

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