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if someone was playing a very blatant mind game with you (example by playing stupid, etc)...what would be best way to react  to them? why?

if you could not seem to escape them and they were going out of their way to do this?  is this a common thing btw? people playing mind games with you by playing stupid, etc?  (not talking about boyfriend /girlfriend "mind games"...talking about "mind games" that might have to play with co-workers at a job, etc.


and is trying to make you angry, one of the goals of a "mind game"? why or what is the goal usually?

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    They want a reaction from you. This could be for many reasons depending on who they are - perhaps to fuel their ego, maybe the job is boring and they're just trying to spice it up, maybe they want you to react badly so they can get you fired for abuse or something, could also be a terrible attempt at flirting (and if it is this, definitely avoid people who flirt this way). I would say the best reaction is to simply ignore it the best you can. If they know they can get a reaction from you e.g you yelling at them to stop, then they will do it more because their effort has paid off. If it gets really annoying, uncomfortable or anything like that PLEASE tell a manager or other people higher up in authority! It can be considered harassment and especially if your job is already something that you don't enjoy, this persons mind games could make it a living hell and that is not acceptable! Also no, I wouldn't say that this is a common thing for me, and it definitely shouldn't be for anyone.

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    One of my coworkers was always "playing stupid" on the job.  Then I found out that he supports Joe Biden and I realized that this idiot is legitimately stupid and not acting.

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    Non lethal boobytraps seem in order.

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