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Why do some people seem to go out of their way to make others angry?


if someone seems to enjoy trying to make you angry, but reacting to them would just make things worse,,,what is best way to manage situation?

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    Some people enjoy conflict and confrontation.  Others will do so as a way of masking their own insecurities, as a way of feeling better about themselves.  Other people enjoy deliberately pushing emotional buttons to see the mental aftermath.  Best you can do is distance yourself from such people and choose to put your focus elsewhere.  Choose not to engage emotionally and mentally, so you do not fuel the fire further.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    These are the type of people that I love to mess with.

    I've ran into such a person who seemed to live to make others angry a couple months ago. I was working a cash register and the person seemed to really love to throw that into my face. They left their garbage on my counter and wanted to see me pick it up. 

    I didn't get angry at them nor did I swear at them. What I did instead was recite the entire lyrics of All Star 3 times in 3 different languages. English, French and Spanish. They really didn't know what to make of the situation but the rest of the guests laughed their @sses off. 

  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    Keep your face and voice bored as you ask "Can you please not go off on one of your silly 'let's piss somebody off' tangents just now?"

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Atheists and devil followers cannot feel any LOVE.

     So they LUST to make everyone else angry. Thinking this makes them seems better. Yet are the farthest from it! 

    LOVE comes only from and with GOD! 

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    fuels their ego, makes them feel better about themselves, could be dealing with personal issues and taking their steam out on the other people. could also be to make them seem 'cool' to other people or something.

  • 2 months ago

    honestly, distance urself from that person. they sound toxic. good people will try to make u feel happy :) u deserve better. 

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