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Do many people experience power struggles, coercions, mind games,  power plays?  is this a normal thing in life? why?


or what i hate the most, ...someone trying to provoke you. intentionally to do a power struggle after. is this common in work place? where else? why common or not? how depends?

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    Yup. If one is out in the world and trying to forge a productive life for themselves that's a lot of what they'd face. The reason "why" is because human nature. It's a dog eat dog society out there where a lot of people are trying to claw their ways up the ladder and any time many want the same thing this tends to happen. 

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    There is not a specific context in which this can unfold, and ultimately comes down to individual intention and what they are seeking to obtain through engaging in such behavior.  This type of behavior can and does happen in the corporate world, family relationships, prisons, educational facilities, politics, religion, Government departments, unions and the list goes on.

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