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Lease termination?

I have a property management company who handles the leasing on my unit. I’d want to terminate my lease with about two

months ago, and I’ll give them a two months heads up. In my contract, it says early termination will be negotiated upon receipt. What can I reasonably expect? 

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    1st of all if you have hired a propety manager then you should be letting them do their job. 

    " to terminate my lease with about two months ago" that wording indicates you are terminating a lease before it expires.  You cannot terminate the lease before it expires unless the tenant has violated it in some way. So if they have not done so you can expect to get sued. 

    If you meant that you are not going to renew the lease when it expires in 2 mo then that is not the same as terminating the lease.  As long as the tenant has been given required notice in accordance with the laws in your location then there is nothing they can do. You have the right not to renew the lease & do not have to give them a reason in most areas. 

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    If your lease expired two months ago, you are renting month to month, thus not terminating the original lease.  

    In a month to month tenancy you are required to give at least a full month's WRITTEN notice to vacate, thus if you provided one today it would apply to September which puts you on the hook for the rent that month (unless you paid for the last month's rent when you moved in as some landlord's require), and can stay in the property through the end of September.  If you intend to leave at the end of October, just say so in your notice.

    The exception is if the contract automatically renews itself.  In that case it depends on the landlord.  Get everything in writing!

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    Anything from 'sure, no problem' to 'you'll have to pay the remaining rent for the lease period if you go early'. 

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    You need to ask them the cost of early termination............ some landlords it would be loss of the security deposit and pay the rent until they get another tenant in place, others it is a fixed amount and for others it will be the cost of x number of months rent, eg 1 or 2 or 3

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    A lump sum of 1.5 months.

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