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George Floyd was more important to the U.S. for human rights than 2pac true or false?


For me it False, i personally feel 2pac impacted the world more about human rights with songs like 'Changes' 'Brendas got a baby' and 'Dear Mama' and many more. 🌎

Update 2:

Update: PianoMan you are a moron. I never asked whos life was more important. All i asked was "who was more important in raising awareness FOR HUMAN RIGHTS! Jesus your dumb. Ive seen many of your comments and i noticed you never seem to understand anything.

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    EDIT, Anon, please change the topic category back to Polls, some sick troll has moved your question.

    True, yet I agree with you in the sense Tupac addressed it.  Yet George's unmerciful, unjust death caused people to really take a good look at what unmerciful, unjust looks like at the hands of a police officer who murdered a black man over money on camera and it showed the disregard for the lives of black people especially how that murderer showed total disregard towards George. Thus, truly impactful and basically what Tupac addressed 30 years ago, how the lives of black men are in danger, and being killed is being repeated again. What Tupac said and what he addressed to be a major problem, is still happening. Nothing changed at all since nearly 30 years ago. Nothing was truly done about at all and people were not seeing it at all until they really had to see it with their own eyes happening in front of their eyes through a camera who recorded live evidence.

    The life of George Floyd meant nothing to that murderer, his action was indeed evil and ignored all of the outcry of the general public who by the way were witnesses. They witnessed a murder happen right in front of their eyes.

    No police officer truly expressed mercy and no officer had regard for George Floyd's life. No police officer had the decency to stop the evil that was happening and still did nothing about it, the evil deed was done right on camera.

    Additionally, what also made it worse was the fact those officers didn't view George as a human being with dignity just like them no matter how much he pleaded and even asked for water, they ignored him and threw away his dignity as a human being when they were killing him.

    The disregard for the life of a black person and the murder of a black man, truly had an impact on millions of people worldwide and many who are righteous people, can tell you that what was done to George was indeed unjust, cruel, unmerciful and a total lack of value of the life of a black individual.

    His life didn't matter to those officers, and the whole world watching through a camera obviously did make a great impact and something that can't be ignored. Those ignorant officers had disregard for George's family, they did not acknowledge the fact he also had a family as much as they have families. They also lacked common sense and were blinded by their own racism, and blinded by other problems that God knows.

    It cannot be dismissed the fact there is a problem and those officers or those like them cannot hide it either no matter how much some people want to deny it, there is solid evidence and the whole world knows.

    Those who make excuses about the impactful, powerful black lives matter movement are racist, ignorant, blind bigots because they are NOT seeing the big picture, what really matters. The life of a human being what being talked about and being mentioned especially the very lives of people of color.

    To some of those ignorant, racist bigoted people, the lives of people of color means nothing to them. They don't see the value of the life of a black person does matter, the life of a human being that God created does matter no matter what is the color of that human being. That is the foremost, and this is why many of those ignorant, racist bigots are BLIND and will never see the value of the life of another human being that happens to be a colored individual created by God until God wills for them to really see it. Until God helps them acknowledge the life of a colored person does have value and does matter equally as much as any other human being matters.

    Until God helps racist, blind people see what's wrong with them and why many people are angry, protesting, and why the life of George floyd mattered they will not see it. They are unable to comprehend and cannot go beyond than that other than their racist bigoted viewpoints. They cannot admit they have a major problem.

    God honored human beings and no one is less than one another. No white person is superior to a black person and no black person is superior to a white person either. There is no superiority whatsoever, its all in the minds of ignorant, closed-minded, bigoted, biased people.

    This is a dangerous, horrific illness that some people suffer from and tainted their hearts. They are sick and cannot be changed or cured until people wish to change themselves.

    God Himself is the ultimate witness and God knows who was unjust, unmerciful to His creation and these corrupted, unmerciful, subhumans will face true justice one day at the Hands of God.

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    I don't understand what you mean about these two lives being important to the U.S.  In what way? Both lives were important. One of the problems with the U.S. and the world is placing more value on lives of certain people over others. America in general feels white lives are more important. Some people feel rich people's lives are more important. Some people feel celebrities' lives or politicians' lives are more important. You have a right to believe as you desire, but I believe all lives are important. There isn't very much genuine love in this world.

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    George Floyd holds a higher level of memory right now. I think more laws and policies about police will be passed since his passing. Pac was still important since it’s been over 25 yrs and we still talk about him. 

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    Pac did more cuz, he cared about the community and even united the Bloods and Crips. No offense but all George Floyd did was get chocked.

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    Technology made things different and give George Floyd a bigger platform. Plus we all saw his murder at the hands of police and Tupac's death is a lot  of conspiracy behind it and his murderer got away with it. We do not know what or why he was murdered. 

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    what does either one of them have to with it. if ur black u doings ur way am i not allowed to do what i do which isnt black. u know it  makes no sense

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