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Which canon fits best for me?

The 5ds ,r 5ds or should i wait for the eos 5 mark5 to come out?

Im looking for a professional camara so i can shoot photos and videos , im a beginner but i want a camara for the long term and a good one 

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  • Sumi
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    2 months ago
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    First off, there will never be a 5D Mark V.  Canon recently announced that is discontinuing the entire 5D line of DSLRs.  Instead of the 5D, 5DS, or 5DS R, I would strongly recommend that you look into Canon's mirrorless R5 and R6 models.

    You do not state what exactly you want to do with your camera.  Shooting "...photos and videos..." is far too vague for anyone to tell you which model or brand would be best for your needs.  What exact types of photos are you needing to make?  If the answer is landscapes, then the 5DS R with it's 50MP sensor would be a good DSLR or the Sony Alpha a7R IV would be an even better camera for a variety of reasons.

    But if you do not need to make heavy crops of your files, or make very large prints, then you probably don't need the 5DS/R or the A7R IV.

    There are so many different models, even from the same brand, because each one is better suited for specific types of photos and styles.  Therefore, your style and the types of images you want to shoot will dictate what camera and lenses you will need.

    As a beginner, I would strongly recommend not jumping into the deep end of the gear pool and buying a top-end model.  Start off with middle of the road gear for now.  As you learn the fundamentals of photography, you will quickly understand that it's not the camera that produces great images, but it's nearly 100% the photographer.

    Listen, we've all been where you're at.  And we've all had that idea in our heads that I'll only be able to get great shots with a great camera or that if I buy a low-end models that somehow my images will suffer.  For the most part that is just marketing BS.  The only exception would be sports and wildlife where the camera's AF speed and accuracy, along with it's internal buffer have a profound impact on the percentage of acceptable shots that you can consistently produce.  Other than that, the camera does not matter all that much.  Take me, for example.  I've shot with 4x5, 8x10 and now a digital medium format (which ain't cheap!).  I['ve taken absolutely crap images with all of these cameras.  We're they sharp?  HELL YEAH! they were.  But as Ansel Adams one said, they're nothing more than sharp images of a fuzzy concept.

    If you buy mirrorless and not a DSLR, you're doing yourself a good favor as mirrorless is the future.  DSLRs are all being discontinued.  Buying entry-level may not be in your best interest based on your apparent goals and enthusiasm.  Therefore, instead of an entry-level body like a Canon T series, I would recommend that you go for something in the middle like a Canon EOS R, or a Sony A7 series, or even a Fujifilm XT-4.  Are you sure you need full frame?  Unless you're shooting portraits or landscapes, it's highly unlikely that you'll benefit from a full-frame camera.  And remember, this is coming from a guy who shoots medium format!

    Buying middle of the road will get you camera that is more than likely powerful enough to allow you to get the types of shots that you do now as a beginner.  Upgrade once you feel that the body and/or lens is getting in your way.  Until then, save your money.  In a few years things will have all upgraded and you will not have a very expensive kit on your hands that you want to get rid of because of what's new on the market.  You're not likely to feel that the middle-of-the-road gear is hindering you anyway.  Wouldn't you rather have cheaper gear in 2-4 years to sell instead of the huge hit in depreciation that you'd take with expensive gear that you do not need?  It's ultimately your decision.  All I can say is that I've been in your shoes, and that's that.

    Middle of the road mirrorless will have the necessary video performance that the average person may need.  I'm not sure what types of videos you shoot, or where you'll be shooting them, so it's not possible to even say if these cameras will be good for you.  The new Sony A7S Mark III is fine for 2+ hours of recording, but put that camera outside with the Sun shinning on it, and it'll overheat.  So where you shoot and how long you need to shoot for is crucial in determining if a digital still camera will be okay for your needs, or if you should just buy a camcorder.

  • F
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    1 month ago

    The best canon is Mons Meg.

  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    Only you can answer that.

    To be honest, I NEVER shoot video with my DSLR (video shooting never interested me), and I bought a cropped-sensor Pentax DSLR, both because I couldn't justify (or afford) full-frame, and because I was shooting with Pentax before you were born (and before you ask, I've shot with more cameras from more manufacturers than you can imagine, and I know who I can trust).

    You won't get an unbiased answer here - I'm just honest about it - but the best you can do is visit a dealer and handle a few likely-looking cameras, finding the one that feels best to you, and form your own opinions.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you want to wait, why not wait until the Canon 5D Mk 20 to come out. It will be the best 5D ever. LOL

    If you want to take videos, the 5DMkIV would be a better choice than the 5DS or R, because video does not reuire a lot of pixels. In fact it does not even require as many pixels as the 5DMKIV sensor has. The 5DS and the R have 50 megapixels, and the more pixels a camera has, the larger the file size. Since the sensors are the same size, that means the MKIV actually has large pixels because it has fewer pixels. The larger pixels means you can a stronger, cleaner signal with less noise. So you can get a cleaner picture in low light situations and more dynamic range. Dynamic range is the difference between the darkest and brightest parts of an image. More dynamic range means you can still see details in the dark areas and white areas in the picture. The 5DS and R appeal mainly to people who shoot landscapes, or scenics, and these people often use a tripod and use small lens apertures low ISO settings and long exposure times. The more pixels allow them to make bigger enlargements when they print their pictures on paper.

    So, if you plan to shoot mostly landscapes, get the 5DS or R. If you shoot videos and all kinds of still pictures including sports, wildlife and people, instead of just landscapes, get the 5DMKIV. Yes you may want your camera to last a long time, but keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later your camera will start to malfunction. When it does go south, you can replace it with something better. You do not have to wait until a better one comes out because it can be years before it does. You cannot take any pictures without a camera.

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  • 2 months ago

    There's no such thing as a professional camera but there are cameras professionals use because they meet their needs.  If you're thinking that buying a "professional camera" means you'll take better pictures you'll be disappointed.  

    "Beginners cameras" don't take inferior pictures but they usualy have features that make it easier to get a good one at the cost of poorer build quality and losing features like dual card slots which aren't going to be needed by a beginner.

    As to the 5D, I was advised by a pro to not get the latest model but to buy an older one and spend the difference on a decent lens (we were talking about 7Ds, but the reasoning's the same).

  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    If you buy now, you can start shooting at once. If you buy later, you can get a more advanced camera. If you continue waiting and waiting, you will never buy a camera and start shooting.

  • 2 months ago

    Shooting video calls for a CAMCORDER. 


    Canon makes those, too. 

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