Should you tell a guy that his Grindr selfies are obviously Photoshopped?

So - several times this dude has sent me his photos across Grindr.  He's actually not that bad looking of a guy, but his photos are hilarious.  He's used the pinch/distort tools in Photoshop to do thinks like shrink his waistline.  He looks to be relatively in shape, so shrinking is waist 30% actually looks funny.  But his photoshop skills are so terrible that he's also distorted things in the background (like a tree, a fence, etc.).

I probably would've hooked up with him by now if not for this but I worry that a) he's such a narcissist to do his photos like this that he might be a problem b) he's clearly not very smart if he thinks these photos would pass (of course he wouldn't be the first airhead I've topped).

but the million dollar question is whether I should tell him. On one hand, maybe getting some friendly advice would help him...but on the other hand, it'd be hard not to laugh at him while telling him.....yet I feel bad for not cluing him in.


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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

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