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Do You WWE Fans Agree That Sonya Deville Is Just Pissed Off Because Mandy Got Back At Her For Costing Her A Match Against Carmella? ?

last friday she attacked Mandy 

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    They are trying to plant the seeds that the feud is not yet over maybe she ruins Otis’s money in the bank briefcase cash in

  • What's funny to me, is the fact that they were a Mid-Card Tag Team and weren't going anywhere. How many title opportunities were they getting from The Following Tag Teams that had been WWE Tag Team Champions?

    1) Bayley and Sasha Banks?

    2) The Iconics?

    3) The Kabuki Warriors?

    So explain exactly what Sonja DeVille is losing by no longer teaming with Mandy Rose?

  • Moya
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    2 months ago

    They  are fueding 


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