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if cast a horary chart asking "Will I lose my longtime customer?" ...which houses should look at in chart?

and do square aspects me the answer is "No" or "Yes"? how depends?


what is a "mutual reception"?  why that would not indicate "yes" ?

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    You're the ASC and it's ruler.  The customer is the 7th and it's ruler.  If the ruler of the 7th is in a separating aspect, any kind, the answer is "Yes, you will lose the customer. 

    If there is no aspect between the two, then look at the Moon as if it is the significator of the customer.  If there is nothing, the answer, most likely, is that you will not lose the customer.  A mutual reception indicates you will keep the customer.EDIT: "what is a "mutual reception"? why that would not indicate "yes" ?"A mutual reception occurs when two planets are in each others' signs.  For example Venus in Aries, Mars in Libra.  It indicates two planets "feeding" or working off the "energies" of each other. Venus rules Mars and Mars rules Venus. They work together, therefore in your case if the significator of the ASC and the significator of the 7th are in mutual reception and working with each other, you won't lose the customer. 

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