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Leo male and scorpio female compatibility?

I have recently ended a relationship with a pisces male, thinking that as I am a scorpio female it would be a perfect match. He was a dreamer, head in the clouds - all talk and no action. 

I really like a Leo guy who I have known for a long time (before I met my ex) and he is very into me. I feel a really intense connection - it's like when he looks at me, he sees into my soul. Sounds crazy but I feel a weird connection with him that makes me nervous (in a good way). Nervous because I feel like I love him and I don't want him to know but I feel like when he looks at me he knows

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    I’m a Leo female, have had a lot of experience with Scorpio women. We are arch nemesis types but have a strong magnetic pull to one another. I find that Scorpios controlling nature is a bit overwhelming as a Leo because we like to have control of our surroundings as well so we get really annoyed when Scorpio tries to cage us in and make us do what we don’t want to. 

    These are two very strong signs, I think it’s all about meeting in the middle for this to work. I’ve known many Scorpio/Leo couples that were highly toxic but I think it’s still possible to do if both signs are evolved and willing to bend for the other. Also Leo’s are very stubborn and I imagine that could be so annoying for the scorpio

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    i think it depends more on the person than what their horoscope is

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