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Since teachers "are not babysitters", does that mean there is a classroom ful of essentially unsupervised children?

Also...  Can I tell the school they are NOT allowed to discipline my child?   Since supervising them isnt their job anyways.


You need to he SUPERVISING a child in order to determine if discipline is necessary.

My kids arent being supervised while in school

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    2 months ago

    Teachers are educators. They are there to help your kids learn. Part of education involves DISCIPLINE. Get over it.

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    Teachers are not babysitters, meaning they are not there for 8 hours a day to keep your kid entertained, they ARE, however, paid instructors that are there to do a job and teach your child and make sure your kid is gaining the knowledge that they are supposed to. So if your kid wants to act out, they have every right to discipline him/her, as a kid acting out is going to disrupt the class and cause the education of the other kids to suffer.

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    2 months ago

    Here are the basics - teachers are not babysitters - it means your child should know some basic social behaviors before starting school.

    1.  they should be able to handle all bathroom needs without assistance.  (teacher shouldn't need to help them with buttons or zippers and teacher certainly shouldn't need to wipe their butt.)

    2.  they should have some basic social skills with other children - being able to share and get along with others on a basic level most of the time is required so that the teacher isn't constantly managing arguments between your child and other children.

    3.  they should have the ability to sit still and pay attention to directions.  

    4.  they need to be able to do the basic skills of tying their shoes and putting on coats, hats, gloves.....etc.

    The children are not "unsupervised".  The teachers are there to guide them on a learning process and don't have time to be their "mommy's" when mommy was too lazy to teach them the basics at home.

    But - yes - you can tell the school that they are not allowed to discipline your child.  The result will be that YOU will need to COME TO THE SCHOOL at any time when your child as acted out in class.  If your child does something that would usually require discipline that the school would normally handle - your child will be taken to the principles office and will sit there to wait for you to arrive and handle the situation.  

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