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Has the Zodiac changed?

because of the new tilt in the Earth's axis?

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    FOR THE LAST TIME, NO. NASA confirms that this conspiracy is false. The zodiac signs had not changed, unless you are no longer following true astrology.

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    2 months ago

    EDIT: When you don’t have the evidence, say they’re ignorant. Add some insults. Think promoters of astrology in this section would be willing to alleviate this ignorance? Never. Too much like work.

    Astrologers don’t observe the sky. Too much like work.

    From the astronomy view, there are 13 "constellations" in the current zodiac and have been for quite awhile. The 88 official constellation are used for reference and need to be accurate. 

    But this does not apply to the signs of the zodiac astrology uses. They use the approximate positions of the zodiac of two thousand years ago, when it was a calendar for many cultures. The planets, if you include Pluto, currently travel though 33 constellations. 

    It is the job of the astrologer to pretend we are living in ancient times and adjust accordingly. They know the sky is in constant motion. Astrologers sell lies not accuracy. Also since humans are pattern seeking creatures, astrology obliges. There must be twelve signs, it’s the magic number. Any other number wouldn’t work. 13 is a prime and can’t be divided.

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    2 months ago

    Yes the Earth's poles have only been inclined to the equator since a couple of years ago.

    The signs have not changed. Only people who don't understand astrology think this is true.EDIT:  Speaking of people who don't understand astrology, here is the howler of the day:  "Astrologers don’t observe the sky. Too much like work. "LMAO!  This from the guy who is too lazy to learn any astrology but feels competent to find fault with it calling other people lazy.  A true millennial: too dumb to realize how dumb he sounds. So ignorant he is afraid to learn.  He just accuses others of precisely what he is guilty of. Grow up little one.

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    2 months ago

    Yes, NASA says that the constellations appear at different times and that a new constellation, Ophiuchus, now appears that was invisible before. The new zodiac signs are now Capricorn January 20 to February 16 Aquarius February 16 to March 11 Pisces March 11 to April 18 Aries April 18 to May 13 Taurus May 13 to June 21 Gemini June 21 to July 20 Cancer July 20 to August 10 Leo August 10 to September 16 Virgo September 16 to October 30 Libra October 30 to November 23 Scorpio November 23 to November 29 Ophiuchus November 29 to December 17 Sagittarius December 17 to January 20.

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