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Scared I have fluid in my lungs, does it sound like it?

Whenever I workout or do some kind of activity I mainly always start to hear wheezing and feel it like in my back or stomach, sometimes I get scared cause it sounds watery or feels it but then again could just be me. I don’t know how watery and wheezing sound or feel and if it’s both the same. I know when I’m around dust I get it as well or when I eat egg yolk oddly it starts it up. I’m 20 going on 21 soon and just started this not too long ago although I remember a few years ago I dealt with this then it stop, it only last few minutes to an hour. I can always mainly feel it on my right side I know asthma runs on my dads side and allergies like seasonal and even tho my dad doesn’t have asthma he has seasonal allergies and me too. I don’t cough but I do purposely just so the wheezing and feeling will stop for a bit 

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  • kelvin
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    no no you do not

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