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Are most people who go into mortuary science gothic or what types of people go into it? ?

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    Morticians usually have a genuine desire to do the work they do--you don't see any who are forced or bullied into going into that trade. You'd have to enjoy helping people with this difficult situation in order to be ABLE to be a success. So no--they aren't "gothic".  They aren't depressed. They aren't "weird," either. That's why so  many funeral homes are family-owned--because it takes having been around the business for a while in order to understand that. 

    And that's why they are usually pretty successful at their jobs, too. Not too many funeral homes go bankrupt. 

    The morticians I've known actually enjoy working with families and helping them through the tough decisions about death. They're kind and understanding for the most part. And they're willing to do what few other people WANT to do. It's a job with a lot of security. 

  • Phil
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    4 months ago

    People who are not good enough to become doctors.

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    I am a goth type, going to goth clubs regularly since about 2000 (although they have been dying out in Los Angeles since the closure of Club Ruby and moving away from holding weekly Malediction Society events at the Monte Cristo).  I only know one person who wanted to become a mortician who was not goth in any way.  Mortuary science pays well but it is a taboo sort of field to get into.  The person I know wanted to be a surgeon but could not handle the anxiety of working on living people and potentially killing them.  They went into mortuary science still do good but not take on that risk.

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    The two morticians I've met were just regular guys -- outgoing, friendly, played football in high school, went to college and then on to a mortuary science program. One went into the family business. The other wanted to have a business of his own. They are both successful businessmen in the towns where they live. One of them golfs with the mayor in his town. Just normal guys.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Failed biologists that could not keep anything ALIVE.?

    But they know their biology and chemistry and only failed in keeping their bean plant alive.

    NCIS LA  They can be Gothic if they want as that is just a LOOK. Dead bodies don't care how you look.

  • 4 months ago

    "Mortuary science"? Probably scientists.

  • drip
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    4 months ago

    No of course not. Mortuary science is the study of deceased bodies through mortuary work.

    A Goth is a subculture.  It deals more with fashions and music.

  • DON W
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    4 months ago

    Normal people go into it.  It's a business, difficult at times, that provides an essential service.  The people who work in the field must have strong social skills, plus a strong understanding of the technical aspects.  They must instill confidence in the families they deal with.

    Someone who is Goth would not be hired by an existing business and would be extremely unlikely to be successful in opening their own business.

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    No, just regular people in my experience, although most had a mortuary family business they intended to go into. 

  • 4 months ago

    Believe it or not just ordinary people you would think of as neighbors.

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