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What is the egg?

Hi, big debate betwene me and my dum freind. Im a fisherwoman see. And he is not. But anyway he tell me that he caugth a lion trout or tiger tort or somthing on a skrink egg. And i say imposible because skrink egg are tinny and trot never even seen a shrip so how they know the egg can be eaten? I tell him I think its a sammon egg hes been using then he say no way the guy at the bait shop asshure him it was shrip egg! Is it possble maybe this was a jungo skrimp egg? Maybe they are bigger and you can hook them? But then how the trot know what the egg is from? Or do they no care. I caught a trout one on a top water mouse (gugan bait) and dam was it BIG!!!! Anyway here is a  piture of what the freind say the egg look like. if anyone is a scintist or a biologist or whatever u need to be able to tell eggs can you help me out please. (I got money riding on this as I bet him he wrong) Thanks and god bless.

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    tekno pyco and Daria--You two are either the same person, or total soulmates.  Love at first babble.

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    look like what we call down in pencilvana a herman egg. thats a type of skrimp mostly orignally from harveys lake due to polutin in the water from the local pizza shops. never used that for fishing but dad n me use em as tranny bait. i rub em all up n down my peter shaft (large male cok) and stand on the side of the road with him at full attention. when the tranny stop his car to get a taste dad hops out the bushes and gets them with his shotgun. that makes a bang and a mess! god hates those trannys so we do it every sunday for him. amen!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    looks like if donald trump coughed out a hairball

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