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Daydreaming way too much?

I am 14 and I day dream for long periods of time abt things I wish of happening bc my life irl kinda sad honestly :> what does this mean. Sometimes i talk to myself during it 

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    Life is not a daydream dear!  You're are facing reality day by day.  A little daydreaming is normal, but to allow it to overtake your Life is not wise.  Spend your time learning other things which will prepare you for your future.  Where do your interest lie?  Are you artistic, or creative?  Have you a good memory?  Then maybe one of the sciences will attract you.  Take an interest in what is happening in the world today, what is being discovered today, new songs and music, etc.   Life is full of wonder and excitement.  Don't allow yourself to be left behind....lost in a daydream.  Daydreams are not real, but LIFE is very real, and filled with wonder and answers, and joy. 

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    You don't sleep well probably. 

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    I think it's always a good idea to dream. All that is reality today started as a dream. Dream lots and one day, choose to manifest the dream which you feel would make you happy - provided it does not cause hurt to anyone in the process.

    Source(s): Meditations for the Journey by C. Mohan,
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    Have you tried Praying to GOD and asking GOD for help here? 

    How about you ride a exercise bike, yet breath  deep for 5-6 deep breaths; then 5-6 breath regular.  Back and forth for at least a mile. The extra Oxygen in my brain has done a major decrease of the daydreaming for about 12 hours for me! 

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    its normal to do that

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