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How can I entertain a one year old baby on a plane and during the layover ?

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    Do whatever you normally do to entertain the baby, but try to have some new things available - new board books to read, new small (quiet) toys to play with, new vidoes to watch, etc.  Bring snacks that the baby eats and anything that the baby will need to drink - that can help calm a fussy baby, and drinking during takeoff and landing can help relieve pressure in the ears.  I do hope that you'll have a separate seat for the baby - that makes it FAR easier to keep the baby happy (and safe), and it allows your hands to be free to take of whatever the baby needs. 

    During the layover, let the baby move around a bit - if the baby walks, let the baby walk some.  But definitely let the baby have some freedom of movement.  Before mine were very mobile we would spread a large blanket on the floor to let them stretch out, but that might not be so wise with COVID, even with the blanket.  

    Hopefully the baby will sleep on the plane, which always makes things nice :) 

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    That's a tough age to travel with. Is the child walking yet? The worst times I had on flights was when my children started walking- all they wanted to do was walk, and I walked up and down the aisles with them. Before that, it wasn't too bad, especially if they would sleep. Layovers were bad, but many airports now have play areas for children where you can let them loose for a little bit. I hope they're not all closed off now because of COVID. It would help if you told us which airport your layover is in. Otherwise, your carryon should be full of things to amuse the child. One that I traveled with spent a long time sticking stickers on the backs of the seats and on things we brought. 

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    Each child is unique.  My children were a little calmer than some I've seen on a plane.  Do what you normally do such as reading to them, playing little games, etc.  These days, a movie or cartoon is not a bad thing on a plane ride.  

    During layover, you wear the kid out.  If she walks, then chase her around.  Just keep her moving and interactive.  Find a window and look at the planes.  Count them.  Look for different colors.  All the things that you should be doing day to day with a child that age so that they expand their mind.  In this case, your goal is to get them to sleep as soon as the next leg takes off.

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    just play with him and give him some toys to play with

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    Open the window and tell it to try to crawl to one end of the wing and back. 

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