what happens if lottery offices are close for an extended period of time?

the back of my ticket says lottery tickets expire 6 months from purchase. If they are closed do I still get my money when they reopen 

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    Depending on the size of your winnings & the governing body of the lottery commission (in the US, this is done at the state level)... you may have various options on how to claim your winnings.

    With the exception of jackpots, you may be able to mail in your winning ticket with the necessary paperwork (assuming the amount is in excess of $100).  Since all items in the US postal service gets a timestamp (by the date it officially enters the postal system), the lottery office knows when you mailed in your ticket.  If you're concerned about the state of your ticket, you would likely opt for registered or certified mail, which gives you a tracking number AND a "read receipt" (his provides you proof when the lottery commission receives your ticket).  This provides proof that you're trying to abide by their rules.

    You can also try to contact the lottery offices, either by phone or e-mail in regards of claiming a winning ticket.  If it's a high-value ticket (like a jackpot winner), they may make an appointment for you to visit their office for verification & processing of the ticket.

    If you don't make any reasonable attempt to contact the lottery commission, they don't know you're trying to redeem a ticket & will likely follow their policies strictly.  If they're aware of your requests, but they're closed for some explainable reason (like issues regarding COVID-19, being an easy option), they may make some concessions (like extended their redemption period) to accommodate ticket winners if such interruptions exceed their normal policies.

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    you might get it when they open up

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