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Whenever the muscles feel sore (such as after a long workout), does inflammation take place..?

… and so, would the application of ice be recommended?

I'm just trying to understand someone who said he applied ice after running 30km.

I asked if he had a muscle strain and if he were in pain, and he just said that it was easier to recover as so (or by using ice).

And I would like to ask here if when muscles are just sore, wouldn't the use of heat (such as through a hot bath) be more appropriate? 

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    I find if I'm sore after a run, that a hot Epsom salt bath helps with sore muscles. If there is a particular area that is painful but not a muscle sore from running, I may ice it (e.g., one or both knees).


    The source article discusses hot/cold therapy and when it's better to use one or the other. Yes, cold is best to prevent or reduce inflammation, and is best used on joints. Heat promotes blood flow, and is good for sore muscles. 

    Cold for injuries, heat for soreness. 

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