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Do you have to wear your hijab around your husbands family?

We are staying at his parents home for a few weeks when the airports open and this is the first time I’m going to be in there home with them. I’ve only met them in person in public. Once at a restaurant in America and then at our wedding 4 months ago. I don't have to wear the hijab around my family or my husband. But what about his parents and siblings or even when his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins come over? I’m worried because his father doesn’t like me very much because I’m a revert. We live in America but we will be going to Algeria (Kabyle) where his family lives as soon as the airports open again. I’ve never been to Algeria so this will be my first time. (I just didn’t know if location would affect the answer or not) please no political responses or telling me that God or Allah don’t exist crap. Just straight forward answers please. 


I asked him and he said he doesn’t know. (Remember that he doesn’t wear a hijab so why would he know the rules behind it all) He asked if I wanted him to ask his mom but I don’t want his dad to see the question because his mom and dad share a cell phone. So no I’m not a “troll” I’m just a real person who wants a real answer. 

Update 2:

Thank you so much for the answers guys. I really appreciate it. I feel a lot better about this situation now.❤️

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    As far as I know - any unrelated or male members of your family like your husbands uncle, and your husbands’ cousins  [Muslims call those non mahrams] you have to wear a headscarf accordingly. Around your father in law it shouldn’t be an issue as he is related in the way he is your father. I am not a Muslim and have read of this before so I’m giving you knowledge accordingly. Hope it helped you.

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    Yes and No. His father and grandfather you do not have to wear hjab in front of because they are your mahram (people forbidden to you in marriage), everyone else (his brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews) you have to wear the hijab.

    Also, just because you do not have to wear hijab in front of them does not mean you be around them as you are at home or around your husband. You should still dress conservatively and cover your chest/neck area. Just look at the other women there when they don't wear hijab at home to get an idea. But you should be more conservative than them since you said your father-in-law might not like you.

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    Malaysia 1982 I was flying to London Vie Singapore a family of 4 Mum Dad daughter son the girls in Burkhas arrived in Singapore Mum dad two children all dressed in western dress Mother short shirt Heels short sleeve Blouse and the Little girl the same and Both barefoot no stockings or socks

    Bloody hypocrites this proved islam is a cult 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You need to ask in Ramadan troll.

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  • Pearl
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    i would ask your husband or his parents about it

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    Ask your imam. It's what he's for.

  • Anonymous
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    This is a very strange question. Your husband doesn't know, but offered to ask his mom.  And you said no?  If he calls his mom, there's nothing to "see" on the phone, correct?  You say you want a real answer, but how would anybody here know what his parents want?    the location might matter, but Muslims are like any large group.  Lots of different traditions, ideas, preferences, etc.  If you truly need to know this, he has to call his mom.  It's that simple.  PS - I'm sorry you're getting so many as*hoe answers.  There's a lot of pathetic people on this site who are lonely and bored.

  • Isabel
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    If his family is currently in Algeria, I'd say it depends on their social class.  Maybe ask his sisters what they do.

  • 4 months ago

    Straightforward answer:  a real muslim b*tch would ask her husband rather than troll a bunch of strangers online.

    Weak effort.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Ask your husband. Wouldn’t he know. Or read the Quran or whatever book that describes Muslim etiquette. 

  • 4 months ago

    Troll better, not often, douche bag.

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