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Does the existence of ancient comedy and plays indicate life was stable outside of wars?

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    Political satire is satire that specializes in gaining entertainment from politics; it has also been used with subversive intent where political speech and dissent are forbidden by a regime, as a method of advancing political arguments where such arguments are expressly forbidden. The oldest example that has survived till today is Aristophanes. In his time satire targeted top politicians, like Cleon, and religion. Historically, the public opinion in the Athenian democracy was remarkably influenced by the political satire performed by the comic poets at the theatres.

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    You mean the Greek tragedies and comedies and satyr plays? It's an indication that the same issues that plague and amuse us these days plagued and amused people way back then. As these plays often dealt with the gods, R and S is indeed a good spot to discuss them. 

    Oedipus, Antigone, Medea, the Trojan War, Lysistrata, prophecies, priests, being favored or cursed by the gods. 

    “I'd three times sooner go to war than suffer childbirth once.”  

    ― Euripides, Medea

    “But when a god sends harm, no man can sidestep it, no matter how strong he may be.”  

    ― Sophocles, Electra

    “Not from Hades' black and universal lake can you lift him. Not by groaning, not by prayers. Yet you run yourself out in a grief with no cure, no time-limit, no measure. It is a knot no one can untie. Why are you so in love with things unbearable?”  

    ― Sophocles, Electra

    “Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both state and people can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public funds, they conceive a hatred for justice, plan intrigues against the people and attack the democracy.”  

    ― Aristophanes, Plutus

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    Ancient theater and temples were indications of a society with abundant food  supplies.  Leisure allowed people the time to thank their Gods. 

    The oldest Temple discovered dates back 14,000 years.

    Fire rituals go back 150,000 years. Some say much older.

    Fire may have been the first God... Thunder and lightning may have been second and third...

    And Man got control of fire. 


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    Yes.  The subjects of those comedies and plays indicate that things haven't changed much over the centuries.

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    No it only shows that people had a sense of humor even during these rough times.

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    Yeah, they had some stuff going on

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    You left out plagues and natural disasters.


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